Airside Driver Medical Assessments


 10-15 per day

£80 Per Person


 10-15 per day

£49 Per Person


 10-15 per day

£65 Per Person

RGF Training have a mobile medical assessment service and regular locations which are convenient to staff at each airport.

We are more than happy to hear from you if you would like us to come to your site and have the medical assessments carried out in your own surroundings.

As this is a very popular service, please give sufficient notice periods and contact us through the website contact page if this is of interest.

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RGF will go to any airport to carry out medicals.

Heathrow – £90
Gatwick – £49
Stansted -£65

We can come directly into your offices to carry out medicals where you have between 10 and 15 people to assess in one day.

If this is not the case, you may wish to host a session where we will invite other companies to join you.

Airside Driver Medical Assessments are in line with DVLA 2 standard

Pre-Assessment Health Questionnaire
Blood Pressure
Urine Analysis
Eye Sight Assessment
Colour Deficiency Assessment
Audiometry Test – Calibrated Test – NOT “Whisper Test”


Pre-Health Questionnaires – will be returned, under confidential cover to your HR Department or responsible manager identified before the session begins.  RGF Training DO NOT hold any confidential information about the person being assessed.  The exception to this is where a person is referred for further tests or assessment to their GP or health professional.

Referral to GP or Health Professional
It is possible that a condition becomes apparent that requires further investigation or approval from a GP or Health Professional prior to our nurse being able to issue a Fit Letter.

Where this is the case, a slip will be given to the attendee showing the particular area to be assessed and an email address to which they, their employer or the health professional themselves can respond.
Once this is received, our nurses will review the pre-assessment questionnaire and will issue a Fit Letter at that point.  The pre- assessment questionnaire will then be returned to the employer.

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